Installing to a device

This topic describes how to install the package for your HTML5 app on to a QNX CAR system.

The QNX CAR development platform provides tools to ensure that apps are properly installed.

In order to use the target, you must prepare an SD card with an appropriate image. The SD card contains the bootloader, IFS and target image.

To install the "Hello World" app on your target device:
  1. Using a tool such as WinSCP, copy the file that was generated after packaging the "Hello World" app (, and copy it onto your target device. For example, you can place it in a /tmp directory.
  2. From a terminal window, execute the bar-install script, which is found in the scripts folder (at the root of the WebWorks archive you downloaded earlier), as follows:


  3. Change directories to:
    Note: Note that app-name will take this form:
  4. If the app is installed but doesn't launch properly (i.e. if you touch the icon and remain on the spinning progress bar), the app likely doesn't have the execute permission; you may need to manually change the permissions as follows:
    # chmod +x /apps/app-name/native/wwe

On the touchscreen, go to the Applications tab (the last tab on the right in the bottom Navigator bar). You should see your app in the ALL view. To start the app, tap its icon.