Introduction to Navigator

Working in conjunction with the platform authentication manager and launcher, Navigator manages the starting, stopping, hiding, and showing of apps. Navigator is always visible in the bottom bar of the display.

The Navigator area includes seven tabs, where each tab provides the user with access to an app or group of apps. The apps associated with each tab are listed below:

Figure 1. Home screen

Navigator is implemented in the JavaScript programming language. Navigator depends on the WebWorks framework and on WebWorks extensions to access Persistent Publish/Subscribe (PPS) and Screen services. For more information about WebWorks, see the Release Notes.

Some of the WebWorks extensions that Navigator depends on are specific to Navigator. These extensions provide a public, Navigator-related API for Navigator and other system components. For example, the API includes functions to pause and resume an app. The Navigator WebWorks extensions are defined in: path/html5/webworks/tools/BB10webworks- The Navigator implementation is defined in: path/html5/webworks/apps/Navigator/js.