Software Updates

The QNX CAR platform supports software updates using Red Bend's vRapid Mobile® FOTA software (v7.0.15.87). You can apply updates from the HMI or the command line.

To apply an update, you'll need an update configuration or delta file, which describes the filesystem changes needed to upgrade your current system to a new version. You can obtain a pregenerated delta file from your system provider or generate your own delta file by using Red Bend's delta-generating tools.

To generate a delta file, you must have a version of the Red Bend tools with the same major revision number as the Software Updates app used by the QNX CAR platform 2.0 RR (currently v7.x). When you generate the delta file using the source and target version trees, the source tree must match the version of software that's currently running on your system. The target tree is always the version of software that you want to upgrade to.

You can access Software Updates through the Settings app in the HMI and apply an update based on your delta file, which must be read from a USB stick.