Making a phone call

When your Bluetooth device is paired, you can make a call from the HMI. The audio is routed through the paired device to the QNX CAR system. The dialing feature supports the Hands Free Profile (HFP).

To call from a Bluetooth device:
  1. Tap the Dial Pad button in the Communications screen. Or from the Communications menu, tap the item named Dial Pad. The Dial Pad screen appears:

  2. Enter the phone number by tapping the dial pad, then tap CALL. The call is sent out from the paired device.

When the recipient answers, the output audio is routed through the paired device to the vehicle's speakers. The input audio is captured by the same device that processes voice commands and is sent out through the paired Bluetooth device. You can terminate the call at any time by tapping the Disconnect button.

You can also receive or block calls from the HMI through the Accept and Decline controls. To monitor incoming calls, you must be using the Dial Pad application. Any incoming call dialogs will not pop up unless the Dial Pad is the current, active application.