Viewing the phone's contacts

In the HMI, you can view the contact information stored on a paired Bluetooth device. The address book feature supports the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP).

To use the HMI to read the paired device's contact information:
  1. Tap the Address Book button in the Communications screen. Or from the Communications menu, tap the item named Address Book.

    You'll see the list of contacts stored on your device:

    You can scroll through the address book entries by swiping up or down in the appropriate area of the display.

  2. Tap the name of a contact to see their details.

    The HMI displays a thumbnail photo (if available) and all other contact details (including phone numbers, email address, and street address) entered for the contact you selected:

    You can return to the list of contacts by swiping right from the border line on the left of the contact details display.