Getting Ready

Before you can begin working with the QNX CAR application platform, you'll need to install the development software on your host, connect the host to your target, and install the QNX CAR application platform on the target.

Installation summary

Setting up your system involves these basic steps:
  1. Install the development software on your host (Windows or Linux). You'll find installation instructions at the QNX Download Center.
  2. Set up your target hardware by connecting the power supply and touchscreen. For example, on the PandaBoard, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the touchscreen, then connect the other end (with the HDMI and USB connectors) to the board's HDMI port and to one of its USB ports.
  3. Use an Ethernet crossover cable to connect the target so that it's reachable from your host.
  4. Use a serial cable (e.g., USB-to-serial converter) to connect your host to the target's RS-232 port.
  5. Set up a serial communications tool (e.g., PuTTy) on your host using 11520-8-N-1 settings.
  6. Install the QNX CAR application platform on your target. This involves creating a DOS partition on an SD card, copying the platform's system files to the SD card, inserting the SD card into the target, and then booting the target. You'll find complete instructions at the QNX CAR platform site on Foundry 27:

    QNX CAR platform 2.0 RR -- Installation Instructions