Using Bluetooth

The QNX CAR platform supports two-way Bluetooth discovery for device pairing.


The Bluetooth Connectivity feature in the Settings app lets you pair the vehicle's Bluetooth system with another Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone. When the device is paired, you can use the Communications screen to access the smartphone's text or email messages, view contact information, and make phone calls.
Note: Bluetooth is not supported on the i.MX6 Sabre Lite platform.
The rest of this chapter contains sections that describe how to:
  • pair a smartphone with the vehicle's Bluetooth system
  • make a phone call from the HMI dial pad
  • view the phone's email
  • view the phone's contacts
  • view the phone's text messages

Bluetooth phones supported

The following table lists the phones that were tested for this release of the QNX CAR platform and gives the level of Bluetooth functionality supported for each. Phones not listed here were not tested.

Phone Pairing Hands Free (HFP) Phone Book (PBAP) Message Access (MAP)
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry Bold 9900 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Samsung Galaxy S3 Yes Yes Yes Text messaging only. Email not supported on phone.
iPhone 4S (iOS 5) Yes Yes Yes No (not supported on phone).
iPhone 5S (iOS 6)

Testing on iPhone 5S was limited due to the availability of phones at the time of release.

Yes Yes Yes No (not functioning on phone tested).