Applying an update from the HMI

Your delta file must reside on a USB stick with the predefined name format, in the predefined location. The USB stick must be formatted as DOS/FAT32.

To apply an update from the HMI:

  1. Name your delta file as follows:


    An optional part you can use to make the filename more readable.
    Decimal number of the version of the source tree.
    Decimal number of the version of the target tree.
    Note: For the source version number, look in /etc/os.version (it's the number next to buildNum, for example, 5346). The target version number may depend on your system provider. It could be part of the name of the archive file that contains the filesystem image of the target version or it may be listed on your system provider's download webpage.
  2. Copy your delta file to the root directory (/) of the USB stick.
  3. Insert the USB stick into a USB port on the target board.
  4. On the HMI Home screen, select App Launcher > ALL > Settings > Software Updates.

    The Software Updates screen reports the version information of the currently installed software. When the delta file on the USB stick is detected, you'll see a message indicating that an update is available.

  5. Press Update to start the update.

The system will reboot into the update system and attempt to apply the update. If successful, it will reboot back into the HMI; if unsuccessful, it will start a debug console so you can inspect any issues (use sloginfo to see the output from the Update Manager). When debugging is complete, type exit to reboot back into the HMI without applying the delta. You can then repeat the above steps to make another attempt at applying the update.