App Launcher screen

The App Launcher screen displays the Apps Section app, which is a UI sample built with the Sencha Touch framework.

The ALL category in App Launcher contains the following apps:

Enables you to compare parking rates to find the best deals.
This web browser app uses the WebLauncher rendering engine to support HTML5.
Provides a basic demo of a WebWorks app.
A "web link" service that opens the Bing Maps website. This app is primarily used for voice control, accepting speech commands such as "I'm interested in go-cart racing" to perform automated map searching.
A third-party Internet radio service. The App Launcher screen lets you start a standalone version of this app, but another version is integrated into the Media Player.
A WebGL demo game that provides a 3D animation of mountainous terrain where the user is given camera control to scroll the image and simulate movement.
Note: The Settings app is not available for the i.MX6 Sabre Lite development board.

This app configures device settings for the following areas:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity—lets you pair or unpair Bluetooth devices. Any paired device will persist across reboots.
  • Software Updates—detects any pending updates by reading a delta file residing on a USB stick. You can start applying the update with one button tap.
  • Wired Network—lets you configure your IP address settings.
This app provides an HMI control for gracefully rebooting the system. Tapping a large button in the middle of the screen will invoke the reboot script, which backs up the personalization database, shuts down PPS, remounts the user data and DOS filesystems as read-only to flush any changes to disk, and then restarts the QNX CAR system by calling shutdown.
Note: We recommend always running the reboot script—either by using the Shutdown app or by manually invoking the script in the command line—to shut down or restart your system. Disconnecting and reconnecting the power supply can result in disk corruption, the results of which are unpredictable.
Slacker Radio
An Internet radio service for listening to custom music, news, sports, and comedy stations for free. Subscribers have on-demand access to specific songs, albums, and playlists.
Launches the Telenav Scout navigation app.
Another WebGL game, TunnelTilt simulates movement through a tilting tunnel.
Links to
Links to The Weather Network.
Note: By default, the current location for The Weather Network is set to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To change the default location, you'll need to modify the PPS object that stores the location settings. You can do this by setting a city's latitude and longitude values in your startup script. For example, to specify Detroit, Michigan as the default location, put these commands at the end of your startup script:

# echo long::-83.03 >> /pps/applications/weathernetwork/demo-commands

# echo lat::42.35 >> /pps/applications/weathernetwork/demo-commands