Running PPS

The PPS service can be run from the command line with the options listed below.


pps [options]


Do not run in the background. Useful for debugging.
-l argument
Set the object load behavior, as follows:
  • 0 — load directory names and objects on demand. Default.
  • 1 — load all directory and object names on startup, but do not load object contents. Load object contents on demand.
  • 2 — load directories, objects, and object contents on startup.
-m mount
Specify the mountpath for PPS. Default is /pps/
-p path
Set the path for backing up the persistent storage.
-t period
Specify the periodicity of the forced persistence, in milliseconds. For example -t 5000 forces the PPS service to write to persistent storage every five seconds. Default is no forced persistence.
Enable verbose mode. Increase the number of "v"s to increase verbosity.