Simple Network Management Protocol agent daemon


snmpd [-a] [-d] [-i] 

Runs on:



Log the IP address of every host that sends a message to the agent.
Dump input and output packets.
Run in interactive monitoring mode.


The snmpd daemon is a server that supports both the Simple Network Management Protocol v2 and v1. It receives and responds to SNMP messages sent to the SNMP port on the local machine.

If you're using SNMP version 2, the following files must be configured:

If you're using SNMP version 1, the /etc/party.conf file must be configured to include a port to listen to.

If you wish to change the configuration of snmpd you should include a /etc/snmpd.conf file.

Note: If you see the following line with no ports listed:
Opening port(s):

the IP address listed in TDomain (the agent definition entry in /etc/party.conf) doesn't match the IP address of an interface on the host. You must change the agent definition to include the IP address of the interface where you wish to listen for SNMP requests.

Based on:

ISO 8824 (ASN.1), RFC 1065, RFC 1066, RFC 1067, RFC 1441, RFC 1445, RFC 1446, RFC 1448, RFC 1449

Marshall T. Rose, The Simple Book: An Introduction to Internet Management, Revised 2nd ed. (Prentice-Hall, 1996, ISBN 0-13-451659-1)

Environment variables:

The location of the mib.txt file. For example, MIBFILE=path/mib.txt (the default path is /etc).
The location of the snmpd.conf file.