named-checkzone, named-compilezone

Tools for converting and checking a zone file


named-checkzone [-d] [-h] [-j] [-q] [-v] [-c class]
                [-f format] [-F format] [-i mode]
                [-k mode] [-m mode] [-M mode] [-n mode]
                [-o filename] [-s style] [-S mode]
                [-t directory] [-w directory] [-D] [-W mode]
                {zonename} {filename}

named-compilezone [-d] [-j] [-q] [-v] [-c class]
                  [-C mode] [-f format] [-F format]
                  [-i mode] [-k mode] [-m mode] [-n mode]
                  [-o filename] [-s style] [-t directory]
                  [-w directory] [-D] [-W mode] {zonename}

Runs on:



See in the NetBSD documentation.


The named-checkzone utility checks the syntax and integrity of a zone file. It performs the same checks as named does when loading a zone.

The named-compilezone utility is similar to named-checkzone, but it always dumps the zone contents to a specified file in a specified format. Additionally, it applies stricter check levels by default, since the dump output will be used as an actual zone file loaded by named.

For more information, see in the NetBSD documentation.