Shared object that supports the Windows NT filesystem (QNX Neutrino)


driver … nt nt_options… &

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


The number of buffers to use for the dynamic decompression of compressed files (e.g. if in a directory you set the "Compress contents to save disk space" folder attribute). The default is 2; a value of 0 disables support for compressed files.
Fabricate . and .. directory entries. The default is off.

In addition, you can specify any of the filesystem options described for io-blk.so.


The fs-nt.so shared object provides read-only support for the Microsoft Windows NT filesystem. It's automatically loaded by the devb-* drivers when mounting an NT filesystem.

Note: This filesystem uses UTF-8 encoding for presentation of its filenames; attempts to specify a filename not using UTF-8 encoding will fail (with an error of EILSEQ).

The fs-nt.so shared object doesn't support encrypted files, security IDs or ACLs, and alternate data streams.

Summary of filesystem commands

The following table shows the shared objects and related commands for the filesystems:

Partition type Filesystem Shared object Initialize with: Check with:
1, 4, or 6 DOS fs-dos.so mkdosfs chkdosfs
7 Windows NTa fs-nt.so N/A N/A
11, 12, or 14 FAT32 fs-dos.so mkdosfs chkdosfs
77, 78, or 79 QNX 4 fs-qnx4.so dinit chkfsys
131 Linux (Ext2) fs-ext2.so N/A N/A
175 Apple Macintosh HFS or HFS Plusa fs-mac.so N/A N/A
177, 178, or 179 Power-Safe fs-qnx6.so mkqnx6fs chkqnx6fsb

a Read-only.

b Not usually necessary.

For more information, see the Filesystems chapter of the System Architecture guide.