Driver for Broadcom BCM440x 10/100 Ethernet controllers


io-pkt-variant -d bce ... &

where variant is one of v4, v4-hc, or v6-hc.

Runs on:





The driver manages the Broadcom BCM440x 10/100 Ethernet controllers. This is a ported NetBSD driver; its interface names are in the form bceX, where X is an integer.

Some devices support hardware checksums, although some might do so in only one direction; to determine if your device does, type:

ifconfig bceX

and look for the following in the list of supported options:

You can then use ifconfig to enable or disable whichever of these options your device supports.

Note: Native io-pkt and ported NetBSD drivers don't put entries into the /dev/io-net namespace, so a waitfor command for such an entry won't work properly in buildfiles or scripts. Use if_up -p instead; for example, instead of waitfor /dev/io-net/bce0, use if_up -p bce0.


Start the v4 TCP/IP variant of io-pkt using the driver:

io-pkt-v4 -d bce
ifconfig bce0 10.184