Starting a point-to-point connection over PPPoE session

The pppoed daemon needs pppd to establish TCP/IP point-to-point links. When you start pppd, there are a few pppd options that are specific to running pppd over a pppoe session.

Here's an example of /etc/ppp/pppoe-up:

pppd debug /dev/io-net/ppp_en -ac -pc -detach defaultroute \
 require-ns mtu 1492 name username

The required pppd options for use with pppoed are:

The device that you want io-pkt to create.
-ac -pc
Required options that disable any packet compression.
Prevent pppd from becoming a daemon. This lets pppoed know when the pppd session is finished. You can omit this option if you specify the pppoed option scriptdetach.
mtu 1492
Set the interface MTU to the supported size for PPPOE. This is the Ethernet MTU minus the overhead of PPPOE encapsulation.
Note: If pppoed has problems connecting to certain sites on the Internet, see PPPOE and Path MTU Discovery in the Neutrino technotes.