The diskboot program uses the .diskroot file to determine which QNX 4 partition to mount as /.

The .diskroot file can be one of:

The recognized tokens are:

mount or mountpt
Where to mount this partition. For example:
mount = /home
opt or options
Mount options, either specifically for this mountpoint, or generic. Use commas (not spaces) to separate the options. For example:
options = ro,noexec

For more information, see the documentation for mount and specific drivers in the Utilities Reference, and mount() and mount_parse_generic_args() in the QNX Neutrino C Library Reference.

desc or description
The diskboot program recognizes and parses these tokens, but it currently ignores the information.
The diskboot program recognizes the strings qnx4, ext2, and dos, but currently ignores this token. It determine the type based on partition numbers, as described for diskboot, above.