Owned by the process manager (procnto), this virtual directory can give you information about processes and pathname-space configuration.

The /proc directory contains a subdirectory for each process; the process ID is used as the name of the directory. These directories each contain an entry (as) that defines the process's address space. Various utilities use this entry to get information about a process. For more information, see "Controlling processes via the /proc filesystem" in the Processes chapter of the QNX Neutrino Programmer's Guide.

The /proc directory also includes:

The image filesystem that comprises the boot image. For more information, see Making an OS Image in Building Embedded Systems.
A special entry that receives notification when a process terminates abnormally. The dumper utility watches this entry.
Pathname-space mountpoints.
Note: If you list the contents of the /proc directory, /proc/mount doesn't show up, but you can list the contents of /proc/mount.
If you're using Transparent Distributed Processing (TDP), the lsm-qnet.so module places a qnetstats entry in /proc. If you open this name and read from it, the Qnet resource manager code responds with the current statistics for Qnet.
The address space for yourself (i.e., for the process that's making the query).