Basic commands

Here are some Neutrino commands that you'll frequently use:

If you want to: Use:
Determine your current directory pwd (builtin ksh command)
Change directory cd (builtin ksh command)
List the contents of a directory ls
Rename (move) files and directories mv
Delete (remove) files rm
Copy files and file hierarchies cp or pax
Create directories mkdir
Remove directories rmdir
Determine how much free space you have on a filesystem df
Concatenate and display files cat
Display output on a page-by-page basis less or more
Find files based on search criteria find
Change a file's permissions/attributes chmod
Create hard and symbolic links ln
Create a "tape archive" tar or pax
Extract files from a .tar file tar
Extract files from a .tar.gz or .tgz file gunzip filename | pax -r or tar -xzf filename

For more information about these and other commands, see the Utilities Reference.