Asynchronous-messaging functions

QNX Neutrino provides several APIs or interfaces for asynchronous messaging. You can use these interfaces in your own applications to experiment with asynchronous messaging.

Note: Asynchronous messaging support is in its own kernel module. In order to use it, you must add [module=async] to the procnto line of your mkifs buildfile.
To: Use:
Create an asynchronous message channel asyncmsg_channel_create()
Destroy an asynchronous message channel asyncmsg_channel_destroy()
Establish a connection between a calling process and a channel asyncmsg_connect_attach()
Detach the connection asyncmsg_connect_detach()
Flush all the messages asyncmsg_flush()
Return the original connection attributes asyncmsg_connect_attr()
Send message(s) from a buffer or an array of buffers asyncmsg_put(), asyncmsg_putv()
Receive an asynchronous message from the channel asyncmsg_get()
Free a message buffer asyncmsg_free()
Allocate a message buffer for sending asyncmsg_malloc()