The Philosophy of QNX Neutrino

The primary goal of QNX Neutrino is to deliver the open systems POSIX API in a robust, scalable form suitable for a wide range of systems—from tiny, resource-constrained embedded systems to high-end distributed computing environments. The OS supports several processor families, including x86, ARM, XScale, PowerPC, MIPS, and SH-4.

For mission-critical applications, a robust architecture is also fundamental, so the OS makes flexible and complete use of MMU hardware.

Of course, simply setting out these goals doesn't guarantee results. We invite you to read through this System Architecture guide to get a feel for our implementation approach and the design trade-offs chosen to achieve these goals. When you reach the end of this guide, we think you'll agree that QNX Neutrino is the first OS product of its kind to truly deliver open systems standards, wide scalability, and high reliability.