Configuring the data cards

Power up the data cards to start procnto and qnet in sequence. These data cards need a minimal amount of flash memory (e.g. typically 1 MB) to store the Neutrino image.

In the buildfile of the data cards, you should link the directories of the data cards to the controller cards as follows:

[type=link] /bin  = /net/cc0/bin
[type=link] /sbin = /net/cc0/sbin
[type=link] /usr  = /net/cc0/usr

where cc0 is the name of the the controller card.

Assuming that the data card has a console and shell prompt, try the following commands:

$ ls /net

You get a list of boards running Neutrino and Qnet:

 cc0  dc0  dc1  dc2  dc3

Or, use the following command on a data card:

$ ls /net/cc0

You get the following output (i.e. the contents of the root of the filesystem for the controller card):

.                  .inodes            mnt0         tmp
..                 .longfilenames     mnt1         usr
.altboot           bin                net          var
.bad_blks          dev                proc         xfer
.bitmap            etc                sbin
.boot              home               scratch