Serial connection

If the host and target systems are connected via a serial port, then the debug agent (pdebug) should be started with the following command:

pdebug devicename[,baud]

This indicates the target's communications channel (devicename) and specifies the baud rate (baud).

For example, if the target has a /dev/ser2 connection to the host, and we want the link to be 115,200 baud, we would specify:

pdebug /dev/ser2,115200
Figure 1. Running the process debug agent with a serial link at 115200 baud.

The Neutrino target requires a supported serial port. The target is connected to the host using either a null-modem cable, which allows two identical serial ports to be directly connected, or a straight-through cable, depending on the particular serial port provided on the target.

The null-modem cable crosses the Tx/Rx data and handshaking lines. In our PowerPC FADS example, you'd use a a straight-through cable. Most computer stores stock both types of cables.

Figure 2. Null-modem cable pinout.