Header files in /usr/include

The ${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include directory includes at least the following subdirectories (in addition to the usual sys):

ARPA header files concerning the Internet, FTP and TELNET.
Descriptions of various hardware devices.
arm, mips, ppc, sh, x86
CPU-specific header files. You typically don't need to include them directly — they're included automatically. There are some files that you might want to look at:
  • Files ending in *intr.h describe interrupt vector numbers for use with InterruptAttach() and InterruptAttachEvent().
  • Files ending with *cpu.h describe the registers and other information about the processor.
malloc, malloc_g
Memory allocation; for more information, see the Heap Analysis: Making Memory Errors a Thing of the Past chapter in this guide.
Network interface descriptions.
netinet, netinet6, netkey
Header files concerning TCP/IP.
Descriptions for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).