Choosing the version of the OS

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite lets you install and work with multiple versions of Neutrino. Whether you're using the command line or the IDE, you can choose which version of the OS to build programs for.

When you install QNX Momentics, you get a set of configuration files that indicate where you've install the software. The QNX_CONFIGURATION environment variable stores the location of the configuration files for the installed versions of Neutrino; on a self-hosted Neutrino machine, the default is /etc/qconfig.

If you're using the command-line tools, use the qconfig utility to configure your machine to use a specific version of the QNX Momentics Tool Suite.

Note: On Windows hosts, use QWinCfg, a graphical front end for qconfig. You can launch it from the Start menu.

Here's what qconfig does:

When you start the IDE, it uses your current qconfig choice as the default version of the OS; if you haven't chosen a version, the IDE chooses an entry from the directory identified by QNX_CONFIGURATION. If you want to override the IDE's choice, you can choose the appropriate build target. For details, see "Version coexistence" in the Concepts chapter of the IDE User's Guide.

Neutrino uses these environment variables to locate files on the host machine:

The location of host-specific files.
The location of target backends on the host machine.

The qconfig utility sets these variables according to the version of QNX Momentics that you specified.