Using the web counter resource manager

The web counter is very simple to use. As root, you run it in the background:

# webcounter &

The web counter is now running, and has taken over the pathname /dev/webcounter.gif. To see if it's really doing its job, I used my aview (Animation Viewer) program. If you test it using a web browser, you'll need to hit the reload or refresh button to get the next count to display.

To use it as part of a web page, you'd include it in an <img> tag:

<title>My Web Page</title>
<h1>My Web Page</h1>
My web page has been accessed this many times:
<img src="/dev/webcounter.gif">

Of course, your web server must be set up to allow access to /dev/webcounter.gif — you can get around this by using a symlink, or by setting the name of the web counter output file on the command line (use -n):

# webcounter -n /home/rk/public_html/hits.gif &