Listing the contents of an image

If you'd like to see the contents of an image, you can use the dumpifs utility. The output from dumpifs might look something like this:

   Offset     Size  Name
        0      100  Startup-header flags1=0x1 flags2=0 paddr_bias=0x80000000
      100     a008  startup.*
     a108       5c  Image-header mountpoint=/
     a164      264  Image-directory
     ----     ----  Root-dirent
     ----       12  usr/lib/ -> /proc/boot/
     ----        9  dev/console -> /dev/ser1
     a3c8       80  proc/boot/.script
     b000    4a000  proc/boot/procnto
    55000    59000  proc/boot/
     ----        9  proc/boot/ ->
    ae000     7340  proc/boot/devc-ser8250
    b6000     4050  proc/boot/esh
    bb000     4a80  proc/boot/ls
    c0000    14fe0  proc/boot/data1
    d5000     22a0  proc/boot/data2
Checksums: image=0x94b0d37b startup=0xa3aeaf2

The more -v ("verbose") options you specify to dumpifs, the more data you'll see.

For more information on dumpifs, see its entry in the Utilities Reference.