src subdirectory

The BSP-specific source code is stored in this directory. Refer to the BSP release notes to find the location of the source code for a specific driver.

The hardware directory contains separate directories for character, flash, and network drivers, IPL, startup code, and so on, depending on the BSP.

Note: The src directory contains one or more master buildfiles, typically src/hardware/startup/boards/board/build. During make install the build files are copied to install/target/boot/build/ After the root Makefile will make a link to, or make a copy of these files in the images subdirectory. Care is required to modify the correct buildfile and to avoid losing changes to a buildfile.

The lib directory contains separate directories for libraries that are required by driver and other utilities that are included with the BSP.

Note: Some drivers, such as the network drivers or USB host controller drivers, are implemented as shared objects, but the source code for them is located under the hardware directory.

The utils directory contains separate directories for minor utilities that are required on the board. Some hardware-specific utilities can also be found in hardware/support.

The services directory contains separate directories for additional services that aren't included in the base installation.