Flash filesystem source

Each BSP contains the binary and the source code for the appropriate flash filesystem driver, but the QNX Software Development Platform contains the associated header files and libraries.

Typing make in the bsp_working_dir generates the flash filesystem binary. Normally, you won't need to remake the flash filesystem driver unless you've changed the size or configuration of the flash on the board — this can include the number of parts, size of parts, type of parts, interleave, etc.

When an IPL/IFS (image filesystem) image is combined, you'll need to offset the beginning of the flash filesystem by at least the size of the IPL and IFS. For example, if the combined IPL/IFS image is loaded at offset 0 on the flash, to avoid overwriting the IPL and IFS, the flash filesystem must begin at an offset of the IPL/IFS image size +1. If it doesn't begin at an offset of the IPL/IFS image size +1, you'll need to create a partition.