Supporting additional devices

All boards have some devices, whether they're input, serial, flash, or PCI. Every BSP includes a buildfile that you can use to generate an OS image that will run on the board it was written for. The buildfile is in the bsp_working_dir/src/hardware/startup/boards/board directory.

A BSP's buildfile contains the commands — possibly commented out — for starting the drivers associated with the devices. You will need to edit the buildfile to modify or uncomment these commands. If you uncomment a command, make sure you uncomment the lines that add any required binaries to the image.

For more information, see the documentation for each BSP, as well as the buildfile itself; for general information about buildfiles, see the entry for mkifs in the Utilities Reference.

Once you've modified the buildfile, follow the instructions given earlier in this chapter for building an OS image.