About This Book

The Building Embedded Systems guide is intended for developers who are building embedded systems that will run under the QNX Neutrino RTOS.

Note: QNX Neutrino runs on several processor families (e.g., PowerPC, MIPS, ARM, SH-4, x86). For information on getting started with Neutrino on a particular board, refer to the appropriate BSP (Board Support Package) documentation for your board.

This guide is organized around these main topics:

Topic Chapter(s)
Getting the big picture Overview of Building Embedded Systems
Getting started with your board support package Working with a BSP
Making an image Making an OS Image
Preparing your target
Dealing with hardware issues System Design Considerations
Terms used in QNX docs Glossary
Note: We assume that you've already installed QNX Neutrino and that you're familiar with its architecture. For a detailed overview, see the System Architecture manual.

For information about programming in Neutrino, see Getting Started with QNX Neutrino: A Guide for Realtime Programmers and the Neutrino Programmer's Guide.