Input metadata

To get metadata for the main input, read the metadata object, which mm-renderer creates in the corresponding PPS context directory when an input is attached to a context.

When the main input is a track played independently or a playlist, the metadata object stores attributes that correspond to the main input's metadata fields. For example, the metadata object for an audio track has attributes such as md_title_album, md_title_artist, md_title_bitrate, and so on.

When the main input is an "autolist", which is a single track formatted as a playlist, the metadata object stores only the URL of the track.

To get metadata for media tracks that are playlist or autolist entries, read the q# objects, which are stored in the same PPS context directory. There is one q# object for each playlist entry, where the # token is the position of the track in the playlist (starting from 1). For autolists, there is only the q1 object. The metadata attributes for a track are set when the track begins to play.