Starting the multimedia renderer

The multimedia renderer service is controlled with the mm-renderer command utility. Before starting the service, you must prepare a configuration file and set up your PPS state directory.

To start mm-renderer:
  1. Create and save, in the /etc/system/config directory, the configuration file (named mm-renderer.conf) to use. For a sample configuration file, see "mm-renderer configuration file".
  2. In a QNX terminal, enter pps to start PPS as a background process. PPS creates a root directory (/pps by default) to store the PPS configuration objects, which are text files that provide state, error, and playlist information on the multimedia renderer's current setup.
  3. Enter mkdir -p /pps/services/multimedia/renderer to create the root directory for holding the PPS objects used by mm-renderer.

    For an explanation of the PPS objects, see "PPS objects".

  4. Enter mm-renderer followed by any desired options to start the multimedia renderer service.

    For debugging purposes, you should start mm-renderer with -vvvvvvv options to get verbose output. The -v option is cumulative, with each additional v adding a level of verbosity, up to seven levels.

    For an explanation of all command-line options, see "mm-renderer command utility".

The PPS and multimedia renderer services are running. Your client application can now use the mm-renderer API to control playback.