Shareable string type


#include <strm.h>

typedef struct strm_string strm_string_t;


The structure strm_string_t is a private data type representing a shareable string.

Shareable strings cannot be modified; they can only be created and destroyed. For example, the function strm_string_modify() takes a shareable string object handle, destroys the object, creates a new shareable string object and returns a new handle to it. It is equivalent to calling strm_string_destroy() and strm_string_make(), except that it may reuse the original object's memory.

Different shareable string object handles may be represented by identical pointers. You should not compare handles. Regardless of how the handles are represented internally, you have to call strm_string_destroy() separately for each handle to properly dispose of any resources associated with it.

Use the following functions to manipulate shareable strings:


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