The synchronization status for a single mediastore.


#include <mmsync/types.h>
typedef struct s_mmsync_status {
    uint32_t operation_id;
    uint16_t passes_done;
    uint16_t current_pass;
    uint16_t passes_to_do;
    uint16_t reserved[1];
    uint32_t flags;
} mmsync_status_t;


uint32_t operation_id
The synchronization operation ID.
uint16_t passes_done
Flags indicating which synchronization passes have been completed.
uint16_t current_pass
Flag indicating which pass, if any, is in progress.
uint16_t passes_to_do
Flags indicating the synchronization passes that have not yet been started.
uint16_t reserved
Packing element.
uint32_t flags
Operation status flags (currently, only MM_SYNC_THREAD_IS_SUSPENDED is supported).




The synchronization status for a single mediastore.

For the mm_sync_status_get_bydbname() and mm_sync_status_get_byid() functions, you must provide one mmsync_status_t object as an input/output argument, so these functions have a space to write the status results. For mm_sync_status_get(), you must provide an array of mmsync_status_t objects and state the size of that array in the function call, because this function returns the status of all current synchronizations (or as many statuses as can be stored in the array).