The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Synchronization>/<PLSS> element

The <Configuration>/<Database>/<Synchronization>/<PLSS> element defines playlist session synchronizer (PLSS) settings related to resource usage and playlist entry matching. This element can also specify a configuration file for the mmplaylist library, which mm-sync uses to synchronize playlists.

The contents of the <PLSS> element are:

Tag name Attribute Default Description
<MMPlaylistConfigFile>   /etc/system/config/mmplaylist.conf Names the configuration file for the mmplaylist library.
<Matching> ignore_case false Specifies whether or not to ignore case when matching playlist entries. You must ensure that the ICU library is loaded to provide support for Unicode strings, or the matching may produce unexpected results. The matching will be performed based on the language code set in the lang_code column of the playlists table row. You must use four-character language codes, such as the default 'en_CA'.
<UnresolvedEntryMask>   (empty) Defines a POSIX regular expression (regex) for naming unresolved playlist entries you want synchronized to the playlist_entries table. Only one UnresolvedEntryMask can be specified. The default setting is empty, meaning no unresolved playlist entries will get synchronized.

Identifying filenames of unresolved playlist entries to be synchronized

You can define complex text patterns using special characters and regex operators to support flexible filename matching of unresolved playlist entries. For example, to add unresolved playlist URLs for the HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols to playlist_entries, set the UnresolvedEntryMask value to:


The special characters and operators supported for <UnresolvedEntryMask> are the same as those supported for <SyncFileMask>, which defines names of files to skip for synchronization.