The <Configuration>/<Database> element

The <Configuration>/<Database> element defines some general database settings and the numerous settings that control media synchronization and database size limiting.

The contents of this element are:

Tag name Attribute Default Description
<TimebaseSet> enabled false Sets automatic adjustment of the internal timebase. For systems that don't have a stable realtime clock, enabling this option causes the synchronization thread to adjust its internal timebase so that all time values used in the database remain monotonically increasing.
<Timeout>   0 Sets a timeout for the database (in milliseconds). Zero disables the timeout; nonzero values enforce it. Note that nonzero values can create errors because of operations that take longer than the specified timeout.
<CharacterEncodingConverter> dll Overrides the character-encoding conversion with another library that implements similar functionality.
<Synchronization>     Defines the settings that control synchronization, including the optimization of system resources, the file types to include or exclude, the mapping of metadata provider fields to database fields, and policies for media data and playlists.
<Prune>     Defines values that influence how mm-sync monitors the database size and stops synchronization of metadata if the database gets too big.