Configuring Mediastore Synchronization

The mm-sync configuration file is an XML file whose elements and attributes control how media content gets synchronized from devices into databases. An XML configuration file is a convenient way of defining and enforcing policies on what gets synchronized and how media information is represented in the database.

A default configuration file (mmsync.conf) is provided in the mm-sync package. This file includes comments that describe the purposes of the XML elements (tags) and attributes; the file also contains default values for the various configuration settings, most of which are expressed as comments. To enable a configuration setting, uncomment its tag.

You can define your own configuration file to customize synchronization behavior to suit your system's needs. In the configuration file, you can:

Note: The settings in the default mm-sync configuration file are presented in table format. Each table row provides the tag name, attribute, default value, and functional description for one configuration setting. When the Attribute column is blank, the setting in the Default column refers to the element (tag) value. When the Attribute and Default columns are both blank, the referenced element contains other elements, whose purposes are summarized in the Description column.