Import an archive file

To copy files and folders from a ZIP archive into an existing project in your workspace:

  1. Click File > Import, expand General, choose Archive File, and then click Next.

    The IDE shows the Archive File panel.

  2. Enter the full path to the ZIP archive in the From zip file field, or click the Browse button to select a ZIP archive.
  3. Use the Filter Types, Select All, and Deselect All buttons to control which files are imported.

    Click a directory on the left panel to see a list of files in the right panel.

    The Select Types dialog lets you filter imported files by selecting one or more extensions.

  4. Enter the name of a project or folder in the Into folder field, or click the Browse button to select one.
    Note: This project or folder must already exist before you open the Import wizard.
  5. To overwrite existing files, check the Overwrite existing resources without warning box.
  6. To import only the selected folders, check Create selected folders only.

    To import the selected folder and all subfolders, check Create complete folder structure.

  7. Click Finish to import the selected resources.