IP communications

Before you can configure your target for IP communications, you must connect the target and host machines to the same network. You must already have TCP/IP networking functioning between the host and target systems.

To configure your target for IP communications, you must launch qconn on the target, either from a command-line shell, or the target's boot script.

Note: The version of the QNX Software Development Platform on your host must be the same as or newer than the version of QNX Neutrino RTOS on your target, or unexpected behavior may occur. Newer features won't be supported by an older target.

If your target's qconn is out of date, its listing in the Target Navigator view will notify you to check the target properties:

Figure 1. The Properties dialog for the target. The message indicates qconn is out of date.

For more information, see Install the qconn update, later in this chapter.

When you set up a launch configuration, select C/C++ QNX QConn (IP). (For more information about setting up a launch configuration, see the Use a Launch Configuration to Run and Debug Your Application chapter in this guide.)

Note: The pdebug command must be present on the target system in /usr/bin for all debugging sessions; qconn launches it, as required. The devc-pty manager must also be running on the target to support the Debug perspective's Terminal view.