Trace Header tab

This tab shows the trace header attributes for the selected trace file. Click Add to include custom keys to insert metadata into the log file, click Edit to modify a value for those keys that are editable, or click Remove to remove a key from the log file.

Note: The following keys are not editable:

Figure 1. The Trace Header tab (Properties view) for a log file.
Property Value
BOOT_DATE Boot date of the target system where the trace was logged.
CPU_NUM Number of the CPUs (for multicore machines) on the target system.
CYCLES_PER_SEC Clock resolution of the CPU on the target system.
DATE Date and time the trace (log file) was last updated.
ENCODING Encoded format for the trace file.
FILE_NAME Name of the file generated for the trace on the target system.
LITTLE_ENDIAN The Endianness of the target system.
MACHINE The type of hardware the trace file was generated with.
NODENAME Network node name of the target system where the trace file was generated.
SYSNAME Name of the operating system.
SYSPAGE_LEN The length of the system page (in bytes) contained within the trace file.
SYS_RELEASE Release ID of the operating system on the target system.
SYS_VERSION Version of the release on the target system.
VER_MAJOR Major version of the trace file format.
VER_MINOR Minor version of the trace file format.