Timeline Event Labels tab

Timeline event labels distinguish between different types of events (the label only shows the data for the event and its type). In addition, you can also set the Timeline view to display address translation information, such as the function name. By using event labels, you can quickly differentiate between different types of events, or display multiple data values for the same event. The purpose of event labels is to annotate events in the Timeline pane with their corresponding label names.

Figure 1. Timeline Event labels tab (Properties view) for a log file.
Note: You can access the label options by selecting the Toggle Labels icon in the System Profiler perspective:

The Timeline event label data selection dialog is available by clicking Add:

Figure 2. Setting event labels in the System Profiler's Timeline view.

The data selection list lets you select multiple data keys. In addition, the dialog lets you define whether you want to customize the display pattern for the corresponding label. By default, a default display pattern is provided and consists of the event type label, followed by a comma separated list of data keys. The display pattern supports the following replacement patterns:

For a list of event data keys specific to address translation, see Address translation.

The Timeline event preference page and the property page show the new properties of the labels (select Configure Global Preferences QNX System Profiler):

Figure 3. Setting preferences for the System Profiler's Timeline view.

Once you specify any event labels, the Timeline view refreshes to show the display pattern for the label, and displays multiple keys.