Add bookmarks

You can place bookmarks in the timeline editor just as you would to annotate text files. To add a bookmark, click the Bookmark icon in the toolbar (), or right-click in the editor and choose Bookmark from the menu. These bookmarks show up in the Bookmarks view and can represent a range of time or a single particular event instance.

To add a bookmark to a Timeline:

  1. From the System Profiler editor, open a trace file (.kev) by selecting it from the Navigator view.
  2. Select the Switch to the next display type icon, and select Timeline to change to the Timeline pane.
  3. Click the mouse to position the vertical line indicator vertically through the timeline region, or use the mouse to highlight a range.
  4. Right-click anywhere on that gray line and select Bookmark.
  5. In the Enter Bookmark Description field, enter a name for the bookmark and click OK.