Trace Search

Invoked by Ctrl H (or via Search > Search… ), this dialog lets you execute more complex event queries than are possible with the Find dialog.

You can define conditions, which may include regular expressions for matching particular event data content (e.g. all MsgSend events whose calling function corresponds to mmap). You can then evaluate these conditions and place annotations directly into the System Profiler editor. The results are shown in the Search view.

Unlike the other search dialogs in the IDE, the Trace Search can search for events only in the currently active System Profiler editor. You use this search to build conditions and then combine them into an expression. A search iterates through the events from the active log file and is applied against the expression; any hits appear in the Search Results view and are highlighted in the System Profiler editor.

By default, the Trace Search returns up to 1000 hits. You can change this maximum in the Preferences dialog (choose Window > Preferences > QNX > System Profiler ).