Condition Statistics view

This view provides a tabular statistical representation of particular events. The statistics can be gathered for the entire log file or for a selected range.

When you first open the Condition Statistics view, it contains no data:

You must configure conditions and the table to view condition statistics.

Configuring conditions

To configure conditions for the Condition Statistics view:

  1. Click the Configure Conditions… button, or select Configure Conditions… from the view's dropdown menu (). The IDE displays the Modify Conditions dialog.

  2. Click Add to open the Trace Condition Wizard. The IDE displays the Trace Condition Wizard dialog:

  3. Give your condition a unique name and select the appropriate class and code. For example, select Process and Thread from the Class dropdown menu, then select Mutex under the Code dropdown menu.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Click OK in the Modify Conditions dialog.
  6. Click the Configure Table Condition Contents (

    ) button, or choose Configure Table... from the view's dropdown menu.

    The IDE displays the Condition Selection dialog:

  7. Add a check mark beside the conditions that you want to list in the table.
  8. Press OK to confirm your selections.
Note: You'll need to click the Refresh button () to populate this view with data.