Track the use of adaptive partitions

This view displays information about the adaptive partitioning scheduling (APS) on the target system.

For more information about adaptive partitioning, see:

The APS view shows the budget pie chart as well as the APS System parameters and Partition Information:

If you expand the APS System information item, the view shows the following:

The Partitions item includes the following:

You can drag and drop processes or threads to move them from one partition to another. This might cause other processes or threads to move as well.

The Partition Statistics item shows the following information:

The APS Bankruptcy item shows information about bankruptcies:

The pane at the bottom of the view shows graphical information:

If you right-click on your target, the menu includes some options for the adaptive partitioning scheduler:

This menu includes:

You can also get information about the usage of adaptive partitioning on your system over a specified period of time through the System Profiler perspective's Partition Summary pane pane. For more information, see the Analyze Your System with Kernel Tracing chapter in this guide.