Show Calls

The Call Tree mode shows you a list of all of the functions called by the selected function. This call tree view lets you drill into specific call traces to analyze which ones have the greatest performance impact. You can set the starting point of the call tree view by drilling down from a thread entry function to see how the actual time is distributed for each of its function descendants.

To show a table containing a list of functions and its descendants for the selected profile:

  1. In the Execution Time view, right-click on a function and select Show Calls from the menu.

Column Descriptions

The name of the group or function, or self name and decorator, if applicable.
Deep Time
The duration of time that the thread spends from the moment it enters, until it exits, the function (the sum for all occurrences, by context). The Time column can contain time bar and percent values.
Shallow Time
The time spent in the function, excluding only descendants.
The number of time function calls (the calls count).
The file or line location for the function.
The value of the result of: (Deep Time/Current Total Time×100)
The Deep Time column divided by the Count column.
The minimum time in the function.
The maximum time in the function.
The timestamp of the last entry to the function.
The name of the executable for the function.

Time columns contain the following features, which you can customize using the Preferences menu option:

Time %
The value of Root Ratio for Time based columns, and the value of Total Ratio for the Own Time based columns.
A visual bar occupying a percentage of the column equal to the total amount of time that a thread spends in a function.

Additional columns:

Own Total Ratio
The value of the result of: (Own Time/Total App. Time×100)
Parent Ratio
The percentage of time for a child node compared to the parent node; not the total time.
Root Ratio
The value of the result of: Time/Root Time×100
The name of the binary container.