Profile a running process for an existing project

You can profile an application to capture performance information for an existing project.

Before you start:

To profile a process from an existing QNX C/C++ project that's already running on your target:
  1. While the application is running, open the Launch Configurations dialog by choosing Run > Profile… from the menu.
  2. Select C/C++ QNX Attach to Remote Process via QConn (IP) from the list on the left.
  3. Click the New button to create a new attach-to-process configuration.
  4. Configure things as you normally would for launching the application with debugging.
  5. On the Tools tab, click Add/Delete Tool…. The Tools Selection dialog is shown.
  6. Select the Application Profiler tool, then click OK. The Application Profiler tab is displayed on the launcher.
  7. Select Switch to this tool's perspective on launch.
  8. Click Apply, and then click Debug. The Select Process dialog shows all of the currently running processes.
  9. Select the running process you want to profile, then click OK. Now, you can begin to analyze the profiler data.