Hyperlinking page

Hyperlinking lets you quickly access other referenced files in your code (such as include files or other programs), by clicking on the file name in your code. Hyperlinking preferences (available from Window > Preferences > General Preferences > Editors Hyperlinking ) allow you to toggle the availability and to set the modifier key used to activate the hyperlinks.

Option Description Default
Enable on demand hyperlink style navigation Show on demand hyperlinks when moving the mouse in the editor while pressing a specified modifier. Hyperlinks appear on mouse move when no modifier is specified. Selected
Default modifier key The modifier key is the key you must press before the available hyperlinks appear. If you leave the modifier key blank, hyperlinks will appear any time the mouse is moved. Ctrl
Link Kind The hyperlink detector type for the link. N/A
Modifier Keys The modifier key assigned to the hyperlink. Valid values are: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Command, M1, M2, M3, M4, and a combination of them separated by +. Note that SHIFT by itself is not allowed because SHIFT and a left mouse click sets the selection. If this option is not specified then the default modifier key is used. N/A
Available in Identify where in the GUI that the link type is available. N/A
Modified keys for selected detector Shows the modifications to the modifier key for the selected type. N/A