Memory Events Preferences

Memory Events Preferences lets you control the look of the Memory Events view. You can select the columns you want to see in the view, as well as some other preferences. You can open the view preferences from global preferences ( Window > Preferences… > QNX > Memory Analysis > Memory Events View , or from the view Preferences… action.

Field Description
Show full path Show the full file path location in the Location column. The default is only the base name.
Visible Columns Show the selected columns to display in the view, and the order in which to display them. You can select columns and rearrange them using the Up and Down buttons, or by using drag-and-drop in the view itself.
Max rows Limit the maximum amount of rows that display in the view. For performance purposes, a maximum limit of 1000 is recommended; however, if you have more rows, use grouping or filtering to reduce the number.