Observe changes in memory usage (allocations and deallocations)

It is important for you to know when and where memory is being consumed within an application. The Memory Analysis tool includes several views that use the trace data from the Memory Analysis session to help extract and visually show this information to determine memory usage (allocation and deallocation metrics). Showing this information using various charts helps you observe the changes in memory usage

The IDE includes the following tabs to help you observe changes in memory over time:

To access these tabs:

  1. Select Window > Show View > Other .
  2. Select QNX System Information > Malloc Information .
  3. Click OK.
Note: To begin to view data on your graphs, you need to set logging for the target, and you need to select an initial process from the Target Navigator view.

These charts show the memory usage and the volume of memory events over time (the allocation and deallocation of memory). These views reflect the current state of the active editor and active editor pane. You can select an area of interest in any of the charts; then, using the right-click menu, zoom in to show only that range of events to quickly isolate areas of interest due to abnormal system activity.